Eastern Mojave Vegetation Dunn Road, San Bernardino County, California  

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Home Page  Parallels US I-15 between Afton and Dunn to the west.

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• Power Line Road #2 (Middle):   at Dunn Rd;  

Junction: Power Line Road
  A linear pile of rocks arranged to look like grave. The inscription reads: Bonnie Keebler Harris grave. The note in the bottle said "December 27, 1872, to whom it may concern: died this day of sickness; too far to travel so will put her here. Bonnie Keebler Harris, born December 1823 in New York, mother of five children. God rest her soul. The bottle and note were replaced with a metal sign, (Mojave River Valley Museum 12-1997)

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• BLM 8344:   near Dunn Road;   at Dunn Rd;
• Field Notes:   at Stop 2017-2-5;
Full Size ImageRoute to Field Trip Stop 2017-2-5.  

Junction: BLM Road 8344, to Field Trip Stop 2017-2-5.

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• Field Notes:   17 Apr 2017;
Full Size ImageDacite dome of unknown age.  

On the left (550010 3885735) is small part of a dacite dome of unknown age, probably Miocene. It may be part of a larger dome to the east that lies on metamorphic rocks (Walker et al, 1990).
  Junction: BLM Road 8309, to Field Trip Stop 2017-2-4.

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• Field Notes:   at Stop 2017-2-3;
Full Size ImageField Trip Stop 2017-2-3. Splay of the Cave Mountain fault.  

Desert Symposium Field Trip Stop 2017-2-3. Splay of Cave Mountain fault.

Descend into wash and park north off road. Walk to Cave Mountain gravel is exposed along the east side of the wash. Characteristic deposits in this area consist of gray massive to well-bedded, moderately sorted sand that is arkosic in composition, alternating with conglomerate made up of clasts from Cave Mountain granite. Both rock types are carbonate cemented to a degree, the conglomerate generally more strongly cemented. A moderate hike up the wash and then east along the north side of this hill provides much better exposures of the gravel unit, especially its interesting sand intervals.

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Full Size ImageField Trip Stop: Dunn Wash Gravel Quarry.
Full Size ImageDesert Iguana (Dipsosaurus dorsalis) in Lake Manix deposits.  

Full Size Image
Sahara Mustard in the Lake Manix sediments
Full Size Image
Coll. No. 588, Mentzelia obscura
Full Size Image
Coll. No. 588, Mentzelia obscura
Field Trip Stop Q-3 of the 2010 Desert Symposium. This stop is about 0.10 mi. west of Dunn Road in a gravel quarry.

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• Arrowhead Trail:   at Dunn Rd;  

Junction: Arrowhead Trail
Dunn Road is discontinuous across US Interstate 15.

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• Afton Road:   at Dunn Rd;  

Junction: Afton Canyon Road

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• Unknown Road:   at Dunn Rd;  

Junction: Unknown Road, to Field Trip Stop Q-4.
  Junction: Unknown Road, to populated place of Dunn.
  End of road at railroad tracks.
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