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Junction: US Highway 89 (191)

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Junction: Signal Mountain Road

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Locations: Mount Moran Scenic Turnout.
Full Size ImageInterpretive panel for Mount Moran.  

Mount Moran Scenic Turnout

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Mount Moran
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Mount Moran

Mount Moran

Mount Moran reflects all the geologic forces shaping the Teton Range. Formed of a massive block of metamorphic gneiss; cut by dikes of igneous granite and diabase; capped by sedimentary sandstone; and flanked by glaciers, this formidible peak dominates the park's northern skyline.
The gneiss and granite are among the oldest rocks in North America, 2.7 and 2.5 billion years old respectively. These resistant rocks form the core of the Teton Range. The vertical “Black Dike” of 775 million year old diabse is about 150 feet wide and jut from the mountain's face because the surrounding gneiss has eroded away.
Five glaciers — Falling Ice, Skillet and Triple — flank Mount MOran. These glaciers formed during a cool period called the Little Ica Age that ended around 1850 AD. Over the past 40 years, the park's glaciers have shrunk by more than 20 percent due to our changing climate.
Tan sandstone caps the summit of this massive peak the remnant of a 510 million year-old beach that stretched for hundreds of miles north and south of here. Sandstone overlies the Black Dike and other ancient igneous and metamorphic rocks.

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Locations: Glacier Gulch Turnout.
Full Size ImageMiddle Teton, with basaltic dike.  

Glacier Gulch Turnout

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Middle Teton, with basaltic dike.


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Full Size ImageGrand Teton (peak)  

Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center


Cross Snake River

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Junction: US Highway 26 (89, 191)

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