Eastern Mojave Vegetation Forest Road 1S160 (Former 1S437), Mono County, California  

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 Roughly parallels upper Dry Creek.

Literature Cited:
- Inyo National Forest, 2007.
- Inyo National Forest, 2010.  

The Motorized Vehicle Restrictions map of Forest Order 04-07-01 (Inyo National Forest, 2007) designates this road as 01S437.

The Motor Vehicle Use Map of 2010 (Inyo National Forest, 2010) identifies this road as 01S160.

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• Forest Road 1N02:   at 1S160;  

Junction: Forest Road 1N02, "Sagehen Meadows Road"

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• Field Notes:   23 Jul 2010;
Full Size ImageLittle road heading south.  

View south on 1S160

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• Field Notes:   23 Jul 2010;
Full Size ImageRoad crosses a dry tributary of Dry Creek.  

Cross a tributary of Dry Creek.
  Junction: Forest Road 1S234, east to Sagehen Meadow Campground.

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• Field Notes:  Coll. No. 639, 5 Jul 2010.;
Full Size ImageHabitat of Castilleja chromosa south of Sagehen Meadow.
Full Size ImageColl. No. 639, Castilleja chromosa  


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• Field Notes:   23 Jul 2010;
Full Size ImageLooking out of Mono Basin into Adobe Valley drainage.  

  Adobe Valley drainage above
Mono Lake basin drainage below

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• Forest Road 1S161:   at 1S160;  

Junction: Forest Road 1S161, north or east.

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• Field Notes:   23 Jul 2010;

Locations: Mono Basin.
Full Size ImageLooking into Mono Lake basin near Sagehen Peak  

Entering Mono Lake basin, little canyon sloping away to right enters Dry Creek.

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Junction: Forest Road 1S160B, also designated 1S438 on some older maps.

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• Forest Road 1S55:   at 1S160;  

Junction: Forest Road 1S55




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