Eastern Mojave Vegetation Zinc Mine Road  

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Home Page  Zinc Mine Road goes from Bailey Road at Mountain Pass, south into Piute Valley, then southwest on the north side of Striped Mountain to Cima Road.

Other articles:
• Interstate 15:  Mountain Pass;
• Routes to Water:   near Mescal Spring;  

  • US Interstate 15, east to Las Vegas, west to Los Angeles.
  • Bailey Road, south into the Mescal Range, north to the Mountain Pass Rare Earth Mine.

Literature Cited:
- Reynolds, Robert E., and Ted Weasma, 2005.

Other articles:
• Field Notes:  24-Apr-05 at Mollusk Mine;

Locations: Mollusk Mine.  

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Mollusk Mine in Mountain Pass.
Also known as the Mescal Mine and the Cambria Mine, the Mollusk Mine produced high-grade gold and silver ore with antimony between 1882 and 1888. The ore was processed at a 10-stamp mill at Mescal Spring.

Other articles:
• Field Notes:  MDQRC, May 1991;

Locations: Kokoweef Peak.
Full Size ImageKokoweef Peak forms the backdrop for a discussion of the regional significance of the Aztec Sandstone  

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Field trip stop about Aztec Sandstone.
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Field trip stop about Aztec Sandstone.
Kokoweef Peak to the south.

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• Field Notes:  20050424040;

Locations: Striped Mountain.
Full Size ImageStriped Mountain in Piute Valley.  

Striped Mountain to the south.

Other articles:
• County Route 20739:  10000;  

Junction: CR 20739

Other articles:
• Kessler Springs Road:   at Zinc Mine Road;  

Junction: Kessler Springs Road, north to US I-15 at Valley Wells, south to Cima.
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