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Home Page  "Black Butte Road" doesn't exist. However, I am using this name for a loose conglomeration of unnamed roads from Old Spanish Trail Road to Sandy Valley Road.

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Junction: Old Spanish Trail Road
  Cross country

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Full Size ImageCross country in southern Pahrump Valley.  

Small valley
  Lovell Wash Road

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• Field Notes:  Tule Spring, April 30, 2000;
Full Size ImageClimbing out of Lovell Wash  

Lovell Wash Crossing

Literature Cited:
- Guest, Bernard, Nathan Niemi, and Brian Wernicke, 2007.

Other articles:
• Field Notes:  Tule Spring, April 30, 2000;

Locations: Black Butte.  

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Black Butte, Clark County, Nevada
Black Butte.

Black Butte is a 200 m high, northwest-trending ridge located at the center of the southernmost Pahrump Valley and is composed of ~1000 m of northeast-dipping sedimentary and volcanic strata (Guest, et al., 2007). The likely source of these sediments is Devil Peak, approximately 30 km to the south. The offset between these two locations across the Stateline Fault System, is one line of evidence for at least 30 km of dextral slip along the fault.

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Junction: Sandy Valley Road
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