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Home Page  U. S. Interstate 10 goes from the Pacific coast in Santa Monica, California to Jacksonville, Florida.



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• California Highway 1:   at I-10;  

Santa Monica

Junction: California Highway 1

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• U. S. Highway 101:   at I-5 I-10;
• U. S. Interstate 5:  80000;  

Junction: Interstate 5, north to Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle, or southeast to Santa Ana; your choice!
  Monterey Park, Western Boundary of San Gabriel Valley.



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- Yeats, Robert S., 2004.

Locations: San Gabriel Valley.  

San Gabriel Valley

The San Gabriel Valley is a Pliocene-Pleistocene Transverse Ranges structure bounded by the San Gabriel Mountains on the north, the San Jose and Puente Hills on the east, and the Repetto and Montebello Hills on the west.
  San Gabriel River.
  Junction: US Interstate 605
  San Jose Hills. Eastern Boundary of San Gabriel Valley.

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• Interstate 15:   at US I-10;  

Junction: Interstate 15, north to Canada by way of Montana, or south to San Diego.

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• California Highway 18:   at US I-10;  

Junction: California Highway 18, to Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake.

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Locations: San Gorgonio Pass.  




Locations: Banning.  



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• California Highway 111:   at US I-10;  

Junction: California Highway 111, to Palm Springs, the Salton Sea, and Calexico.





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• CA Hwy 62:   at US I-10;  

Junction: California Highway 62, north Morongo Valley, Joshua Tree, and Twenty-Nine Palms.

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- Dorsey, Rebecca J., 2010.

Locations: Salton Trough.  

To the southeast, US I-10 enters the Salton Trough.

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• Ramon Road:   at US I-10;  

Exit 130: Bob Hope Drive and Ramon Road.

The east-west Ramon Road gives access to Thousand Palms Canyon 4.8 miles to the east.

  Exit 139: Varner Road

Alternate exit for Biskra Palms, to the north.

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• Monroe St.:   at US I10;

Locations: Biskra Palms.  

Exit 142: Monroe Street

Exit for Biskra Palms, to the north.

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• California State Route 86:   at I-10;  

Exit 145: California State Route 86, south along the west side of the Salton Sea to near Calexico.



Locations: Indio.  



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• Box Canyon Road:   at US I-10;
• Cottonwood Springs Road:   at US I-10;  

  • Cottonwood Springs Road, north into Joshua Tree National Monument.
  • Box Canyon Road, west into the Coachella Valley at Mecca.

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- Dorsey, Rebecca J., 2010.

Locations: Salton Trough.  

To the west, US I-10 enters the Salton Trough.

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- Barth, Andrew P., Joseph L. Wooden, Carl E. Jacobson, and Kelly Probst, 2004.

Locations: McCoy Mountains.  

McCoy Mountains, north of US I-10.

The McCoy Mountains are composed of the McCoy Mountains Formation, > 7 km of fluvial sediments, representing a retroarc foreland basin, deposited behind the active evolving Cretaceous Cordilleran continental margin magmatic arc that lay to the west and in the foreland of the actively deforming Cretaceous Maria fold-and-thrust belt (Barth, Andrew P., et al, 2004).

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• California Highway 78:   at US I-10;
• Neighbours Blvd.:   at US I-10;  

Junction: California Highway 78 “Neighbours Boulevard,” south to the Imperial Valley.



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• Field Notes:  September 21, 2000;

Locations: Blythe.  



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• U. S. Highway 95:  Blythe;  

Junction: US Highway 95, North to Las Vegas, and Canada by way of Idaho.
  California above …
Arizona below …



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• Arizona Highway 95:   in Quartzsite;
• U. S. Highway 95:  Quartzsite;

Locations: Quartzite.  


Junction: US Highway 95, South to Yuma.

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• US Highway 60:   at I10;  

Junction: US Highway 60, to Phoenix by way of Wickenburg.



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• US Interstate 17:  Phoenix;  


Exit 143: Junction: US Interstate 17, north to Flagstaff.

Locations: Sacaton Mountains.  

The Sacaton Mountains to the southwest. Strudley, Murray, and Haff (2006) use the Sacaton Mountains as an example of a location with pediment passes.



Casa Grande


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• Arizona Highway 87:   at US I-10;  

Exit 211: Arizona Highway 87

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• Catalina Highway:   at Tanque Verde;  

Exit 256: Grant Road, east to Tanque Verde Rd., and then Catalina Highway.



Locations: Tucson.
Full Size ImageView of Tucson from Tumamoc Hill.  





Locations: Benson.  



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• North Pomerene Road:   at US I-10;  

Exit 306: N. Pomerance Road, AZ Hwy 76

Access north to North Cascabel Road along the San Pedro River.

  Rest Area
  Texas Summit

Locations: Little Dragoon Mountains.  

Little Dragoon Mountains to the north.
  Cross Big Draw

Other articles:
• North Johnson Road:   at US I-10;

Locations: Johnson.  

Exit 322, Johnson Road

Johnson, to the north.

There is a single collection of Frasera albomarginata from near Johnson, Cochise County, Arizona.

Other articles:
• US Highway 191:   at US I-10;  

Junction: US Highway 191, south to Douglas.

Other articles:
• South Taylor Road:   at US I-10;
• US I-10 Business:  Exit 336;  

Exit 336: South Taylor Road, just west of Wilcox.
  • For Muleshoe Road, take South Taylor Road north to Airport Road, then turn west pn Airport Road 12 miles to the intersection of Muleshoe Road and 3 Links Road.
  • For the Chiricahua Mountains, take US I-10 Business into the center of Wilcox, and turn right on Arizona Highway 186.





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• Arizona Highway 186:   at US I-10;  

Exit 340:
  • Arizona Highway 186, southeast, grazing the west side of the Chiricahua Mountains.
  • Rex Allen Drive, local street in Willcox.

Other articles:
• US I-10 Business:  Exit 344;  

  • US I-10 Business, for any business in Wilcox.
  • N. Haskell Ave., as they call this street hereabouts.

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• US Highway 191:   at US I-10;  

Junction: US Highway 191, north to Safford
  Arizona above …
New Mexico below …

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• US Interstate 25:   at US I-10;  

Exit 144: Interstate 25, north through Colorado to Interstate 90 at Buffalo, Wyoming.
  New Mexico above …
Texas below …

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• US I-20:   at US I-10;  

Junction: US Interstate 20, northeast then east to Fort Worth, ending at US Interstate 95 in South Carolina.

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• US Highway 67:   at US I-10;  

Exit 248: US Highway 67 West, southwest to Alpine Marfa, and the Mexican border at Presidio.

Other articles:
• Texas State Highway 67:   at US I-10;  

Exit 50B:

  • Texas State Highway 16,
  • Sidney Baker Street,



San Antonio


Exit 155B:

    Cesar E. Chavez Blvd.

Texas above …

Louisiana below …

Louisiana above…

Mississippi below …

Mississippi above …

Alabama below …

Alabama above …

Florida below …
  Jacksonville, Florida

Junction: US Interstate 95

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